The Facts

Return and Refund Program

DuPont has implemented a return and refund program for Imprelis® herbicide. The following products are included in the program:

  • Imprelis® herbicide (D14616296) – 4.5 fl oz bottle
  • Imprelis® herbicide (D14563533) – 1.0 gallon bottle
  • Imprelis® herbicide (D14544159) – 2.5 gallon bottle

If you are a distributor or customer with full and/or partially full bottles of Imprelis®, or have Imprelis® product remaining in mixes or spray tanks, please call 1-866-796-4783 for further instructions on the return and refund for any remaining Imprelis® in your possession.

Note that the EPA approved disposition plan suggests that you maintain records associated with Imprelis®, including but not limited to: 1) quantities used and returned, including product lot numbers 2) application records, and 3) purchase records.

About Reported Imprelis® Damage:

  • Based on information we have received to date, most properties treated had successful weed control without reported injury to trees.
  • The damage that has been reported appears to be primarily affecting certain sensitive tree species, such as Norway spruce and white pine, but DuPont has also received reports of damage to other species. The majority of the reported damage is concentrated in a geographic band that includes Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Wisconsin.
    • The suspected injury to trees associated with Imprelis® has varied, depending on tree size, age and timing of growth. The damage reported has most often been in the current year’s growth.
    • The most commonly reported symptoms have been needle browning and curling of new growth.
  • DuPont has engaged arborists to help the company understand and evaluate the reported damage.

DuPont Actions:

DuPont is taking the following steps to support our lawn care and golf course professional customers, and their homeowner and property manager customers:

  • Hosting this website to carry the latest information about Imprelis® and to make it easier for customers to report problems. We urge you to check back for updates.
  • Continuing to consult with the Environmental Protection Agency, state regulators and university extension specialists on this issue.
  • On September 6, 2011, DuPont began a process to fairly resolve claims for impact on trees that Imprelis® herbicide may have caused.
  • DuPont has reached a proposed settlement with the representative plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit in federal court in Pennsylvania. The settlement has been preliminarily approved by the Court. For information about the proposed settlement, please visit