September 6th, 2011

Photography Instructions Before Removing Trees

Trees that that are unlikely to recover will be addressed in the claims process. The claims process has several steps, one of which includes taking pictures of trees prior to removal. If you believe that a potentially impacted tree needs to be removed prior to evaluation under the claims process, please collect and retain the following digital photographs of the tree before removal.

Note: This document is intended only to provide instructions for taking photographs of trees prior to removal. It is not a claims form. If you believe a tree on your property has been impacted as a result of an Imprelis® herbicide application, you may contact your lawn care company, or DuPont at the toll-free hotline at (866) 796-4783.

* * *

Please collect and retain the following digital photographs for each tree as follows:
o Identification — 1 Photo (include tree number and property address)
o Full Tree — 1 Photo (include yardstick to scale height of the tree)
o Terminal — 1 Photo (close-up of the top of the tree)
o Symptoms — 2 – 3 Photos (close-up photos of the tree symptoms)

The Identification Photo for each tree must include the property address and tree number. For example, a white board or piece of paper could be marked with the number of the tree and property address and photographed with the tree. The tree number and property address must be legible in the photo.

The Full Tree Photo must include a yardstick (36 inches) held parallel to tree trunk and touching ground. The yardstick is necessary to determine the scale of the tree. For example, someone could hold the yardstick next to tree while a photo is taken showing the entire tree and yardstick.

The Terminal Photo must be a close-up photo of the top 2 to 3 feet of the tree.

The Symptom Photos must be close-up photos of examples of the tree symptoms that show the impacts you believe resulted from an Imprelis® herbicide application.

Please retain digital copies of these photos of all impacted trees that you have removed.
* * *

Additionally, please ensure that you follow the instructions for proper disposal of such trees available at Note that as a precaution, if your property was treated with Imprelis®, and a tree has been cut down, do not chip the tree for use in mulch or compost. Trees that are cut down may be used for lumber or as firewood.

If you have additional questions you may call the toll-free hotline (866) 796-4783.

NOTE: Please ensure that the location of the tree(s) on the property can be identified at some later time after removal.